How To Become A Para Commando

This Post Is about How To Become A PARA Commando. It is a Special Forces Unit of the Parachute Regiment of the Indian Army, which is formed to conduct special operations. This para commando of the Indian Army has also carried out many operations abroad. This Special Force is one of the most Dangerous units of the Indian Army.

How To Become A Part Of PARA Commando

To become a Part of Para Special Forces you need some eligibility which I am mentioning below.

Educational Qualification

If you have passed 10th or you are a 12th passed student or you are a graduate student, then you can apply to become a Para Commando. Let me tell you that you have to join the Indian Army before applying to Para Commando. 5 years after joining the Indian Army, you can apply for Para commando.

Selection Process

How To Become A Para Commando

Its selection process is quite difficult due to which only 10% of the soldiers are selected and this selection process lasts for 3 months. it is called probation period ( 3 months of selection process).

During these three months, the Soldier is passed through all types of physically and  mentally tortured and many tasks are given during this period, some of which have to be completed within 36 hours. During this time, the soldier is given as much food and water as an average person needs to be alive.

Their training is hardcore. During its training, many tasks are given such as jumping from 33000 feet with a parachute and some of these jumps you have to do at night. Soldiers are also taught different languages during training. The training of para commandos is so tough that 90% Soldiers leave this training in half And many soldiers die during training. During this selection process, the officers of the Indian Army judge Soldier about whether Soldier deserves to become a commando or not.

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