What Are Officer Like Qualities (OLQ)- SSB Interview

This Post Is about what are the 15 Officer like qualities (OLQ) And what is their role in SSB? All these questions have been answered in this post.

What Are Officer Like Qualities (OLQ)- SSB Interview

Why Officer like qualities Are Important In SSB

The main tests and techniques conducted in SSB are aimed to find out whether the candidate has officer like quality or not.

SSB test is designed in such a way that if you give any test, then the quality inside you will come out from these tests.

Through these tests, it is investigated whether he is eligible to become an officer in future or not.

What Are The 15 Officer Like Qualities For SSB

Factor 1- Planning And Organising (15 Officer Like Qualities)

OLQ1: Effective Intelligence

1-Effective intelligence is a situation in which a person has different practical situations, which is usually a bit difficult. Effective intelligence must be resolved with the mind immediately.

2-This is slightly different from basic intelligence because you can test basic intelligence with any normal test, it is very important to have a practical situation to check the effective intelligence.

3-A person can easily increase the Effective intelligence by making a small change in his daily routine and for this it is necessary that you have to think about everything in a new way and you will have to develop a thinking of your own.

OLQ2: Reasoning Ability

What Are Officer Like Qualities (OLQ)- SSB Interview

The ability to understand the essential things and at the same time arrive at a certain conclave with logical and rational thinking is called Reasoning Ability. To increase your reasoning ability, it is very important to have an inquisitive person.

At the same time, the ability to understand any thing well and the ability to look at any problem from the root should be good because the reasoning ability of any candidate means that he can analyze things in a good way.

OLQ3: Organizing Ability

  • Organizing ability means using resources well so that it can produce good results. To get any objective, use resources to their maximum efficiency so that effective results can be obtained through it.
  • You can improve the organization ability by organizing different types of activities and events.

OLQ4: Power Of Expression

  • Power of expression is the quality through which any candidate can easily convey his ideas to other people.
  • This is the most important part of your personality where it is seen how well you clear the thoughts of your mind.
  • The best way to improve the power of expression is to participate in an activity in which you can interact with as many people as possible.

Factor-2 Social Adjustment

OLQ5: Social Adaptability

  • The ability of any candidate through which he can easily adapt to any social environment and any kind of people and groups.
  • To improve social adaptability, the most important thing is that you get to meet different types of people and get to know their views.

OLQ6: Cooperation

What Are Officer Like Qualities (OLQ)- SSB Interview

  • Any person who does any work according to his behavior with anyone or with these people, by which the group goal can be achieved is called corporation.
  • Cooperation teaches that any work can be done well by staying in a group and not alone and through the corporation the spirit of team spirit is seen and also how dedicated the candidate is to their group aim .

OLQ7: Sense Of Responsibility

  • Whenever a candidate completes his / her given responsibility fully and understands that he / she has to complete the given work without any help, this is called sense of responsibility.
  • People who understand their sense of responsibility well, they are often faithful, dutyful and respectful of their work and such people are definitely selected in any army.

Factor-3 Social Effectiveness (15 Officer Like Qualities)

OLQ8: Initiative

  • The ability of any person to have the ability to take an early decision on the time that is necessary for any action to take place is called the Initiative.
  • These People often do not like to sit vacant. He continues to impress people with his thoughts and action. You will often see new ideas coming in his mind.

OLQ9: Self-Confidence

  • Self-confidence is the quality through which candidates can solve any kind of consequences and difficult problems by relying on their thinking and understanding.
  • People who are self-confident, they remain calm even in difficult situations and always think logically in their abilities. They keep on doing something new.

OLQ10: Speed Of Decision

  • Speed ​​of Decision means that how fast your decision making ability is, in any difficult situation, a person makes fast decisions to get out of that problem.
  • This is what the person tells us about the Speed ​​of Decision about that person. The Speed ​​of Decision also depends on how correct that decision is and whether it is fulfilling the given objective or not.
  • people who have the ability to take a decision fast, they do not have confusion and they know the result of this decision.

OLQ11: Ability To Influence The Group

  • The ability through of any human being to influence the people with him in such a way that they give their maximum effort to achieve the objective they have combined.
  • Any group needs a leader to work and the person who positively influences the group and leaves the impression of his thinking on the rest, that person becomes the leader of the group.
  • Only those who understand things well can lead any group

OLQ12: Liveliness

  • Liveliness means vivacity This quality is the ability of any human being in which even in the worst of situations, his sense of humor and vivacious thinking can lead to good conditions.
  • Such human beings are always happy and the people living around them are also always happy, if you keep making people laugh then you understand that this quality is in you.

Factor-4 Dynamic

OLQ13: Determination

  • Determination of any person’s inner state indicates that he can achieve his goals even after any situation and no matter how many difficulties.
  • Through this, we get to know how focused a person is for his goals and his strength of will as well as his mental concentration.
  • Candidates who persevere in every situation and keep trying to achieve their goal again and again, without any hindrance in the same way, The same person is genuinely determined to do his work.

OLQ14: Courage

  • The ability through any human being, through which he can do personal work in difficulty, by his own thinking and he can understand that he is taking risk for purpose.
  • A person who has courage in him is never afraid of dangers and is always ready for adventure. courageous people are always brave, aggressive and bold.

OLQ15: Stamina

  • The ability to withstand any type of physical and mental problems is called stamina. The second meaning of stamina is also Endurance in which a person improve his own ability over time.

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